Long Arm Windshield Dashboard Car Phone Holder

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  • The car phone holder is made of high quality ABS material, high strength, heat resistance and flame retardant.
  • Whether your phone is protected by the skin or the case, the car phone holder can be securely attached to your device so you can drive with confidence.
  • The stent needs to be a flat surface, but not necessarily a smooth surface.
  • Below the lever on the rubber part is a small piece that can hold the mounting surface loose, and the 3M Super Crystal nano-material suction cup fits snugly against the instrument panel and can even be waxed or textured!
  • Easy to remove without leaving any annoying frustrations!
  • A two-stage safety lock on the base enhances the power of the suction cup.
  • Locking the 3M suction cup requires only two steps
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